Hopeful Romantic ❤️🫶🏾🤎

Romance. It’s more than a one night dance.

It’s being appreciative for showcasing multiple chances of caressing demonstrations while time changes.

Romance is more than feelings of expression, it’s an initiation for action in fulfilling the desire to arouse the eye in understanding and the heart of maturation.

It’s more much than just an imagination.

Being a romantic has more to show off after the first time impression; it’s proactive to live for a lasting impression.

A romantic has a perspicacious responsive. Purposefulness in relational intelligence, studying the motives of intent of the heart to strengthen and support the pragmatic prowess in emotional intelligence of Help Us, Don’t Hurt Us.

Romance is Divine in nature. It’s an attestation of God’s adoration over natural being in essence to live by internal values for an eternal value.

A profundity of reciprocity, there’s no complications in hearing your needs nor to feel the freel of our decisions we need to commit to.

Romance is more than just a thrill, it’s the zeal to give my all to heal the wheal wounds that has left a scar on the skin deep.

Romance is emphatically accommodating. The willingness to be attentive in commemorating that your presence is my present.

For tomorrow can’t be promised, but today is our declaration for a celebration.

Proclamation: I am romantic. A hopeful romantic. I am full of ray with great hope. I give and I shall receive. Whatever I kiss genuinely, I will reap ginormous generosity. Love comes above from heaven and a little leaven enlivens the whole bunch. The way I deeply feel is a direct reflect I dwell upon my reflections; for without love I am nothing, with love I am everything I evolve to become.

(C) 2023 Ter E. Rucks All Rights Reserved

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