Why Not Now Love?

Love is unique how it’s presented. Why not now Love, at this present moment in my presence?

I am ready to love. I have so much to give from the heart, it’s not so hard to love hard from the heart.

But why it seems the pure at heart have trouble to relating to someone else’s dreams and fantasies of a relationship?

Why does it seem the mature at heart are misunderstood being called intimidated by the people who don’t have nothing to stand on?

Why do it seems that it take many years to find the right one, than finding a true friend for the right season?

Maybe God has it all figure. For he said, “my thoughts are not your thoughts.”

That his timing, is not my timing.

The Root of the soil is the truth that comes out of his mouth.

Hear say, he said, “There are things that have to be delighted in fulfillment before Love awaken to arouse.

“Around the corner, must be gratification of equanimity to live one quality time in the present moment, than to live in comparison for a tomorrow that is never promised.”

“What I want you to do is give your all to live the life I gave that is satisfying, that pleases me to prosper your soul conscious to develop in discernment in destructing to construct structure.”

“I want you to have much to give so you have much more to do before your love comes; so you will know your foundation of your workmanship you can support for construction leadership.”

“I want you to take advantage of the opportunities I give unto you to handle. As you remain faithful to the smallest details, you remain faithful to search for the biggest details in the quest of your concerns.”

“For you may be matured, but the person that I have presented to you that is pleasure in your sight, is in the process to mature; in need more pruning to be wholistic with no holes to be found.”

“What I want you to be aware in this moment, is to not make any regrets.”

“When you make regrets you step out prematurely that will lead you to stagnate. Be confident in your decision making; it’s better to make mistakes than have regrets. For mistakes are not meant to be fatal, but is the measurement of your heart what you are willing to “take away” from the missed takes you have attempted. A sound of mind is a made up mind.”

“For it takes maturity for both yokes to equally collaborate together to corroborate with a sound of mind to recreate a union as One to be perfected, not perfect.”

“What I want you to know about Love; Love lives in expansion to enlarge, Love is never proud; because love thrives in learning more than where it is at in its current state.”

“Love gratifies when it sees the open tunnel of your decision for your heart to receive new insight to elongate to transport. Love becomes stagnant when your heart isn’t open to study, for studying is a time of devotion to pursue what you follow.”

“I want you to yearn the new things onto the sun rise to the night fall in this moment.”

“Do everything in love, always be open and willing to love another, because love comes from Me. Everyone who truly loves is born of me, God.”

“I desire you to love very deeply, go deep, because love covers all faults of the many in unexplainable ways, because love is sweeter than words, it is the sweetest by the sounds of depth from the movement of your walk.”

“Can you see this picture that is revealing unto you? Can you love me to love yourself, to love others? When you see the Love of of your life I present unto you, can you see that person as the image of yourself you’re willing to marry in your current state at the currency rate you are worth?”

“What is your worth you are willing to invest in the best of someone else? Now is the time to evaluate your value before it costs a life.”

(C) Ter E Rucks 2019


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