Inferior Superiority: The Insecurities Of A Gentleman

This is raw art what I am speaking from the heart.

Inside this painting craft are the colors, lines, and hue of a Gentleman that describes what it is subscribed what’s going through his mind.

He looks real sharp distinguished from the exterior,

But he has a serene heart in the interior. But his greatest inferiority is his sensitivity what he feels within his God image senses.

What people don’t know is the pressure expectancy of a gentleman.

His values, his morals, his dignity, his reputation is on the line to reflect his divine mind.

He has to stay calm at all times despite the calamity of humanistic flaws of his circles.

If he’s not Pimping they’ll called him Simping just for his rare passion he has for honor and high respect.

He must endure the process to trust the human experience taking his gentleness for granted.

When some women in his life want a Gentleman just to get things their way, to benefit their control to narrow the condition of his soul.

If a man is really honest in himself, in the dignity of his own ways and cognitive thoughts, he will be scrutinized as a butt hole.

But he has to stay calm despite being cursed at, being ridiculed, disrespected, disregarded; because his reputation is on the line how he reacts.

But this is not an act. This is the state of mind in being the values and morals he was conceived to give to others to receive unselfishly.

This is the high cost of the genuine; they can’t let the bubble of corruption ruin them in robbing their self-conscious annuity.

Generosity has never been popular. The curiosity of my insecurities being a gentleman is surreal but freeing to confess.

I profess, if every man was a Gentleman, how does superiority eradicates a man’s ego?

Persecuted, misunderstood, used, and abused.

A Gentleman never dies easy, he lives hard with an effort.

It is the choice of his action that cuts deeper than a knife, his desire is to be far away from the inferiority of his innocence in defense to generate a venerate in his greatest quality of appreciation.

Being gentle is not soft like cloth, it is all raw, the flaws of his walk in history is his greatest artistry called ministry.

(c) 2021 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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