Driving through the rainy streets of Queens, questions remain heavily from my dreams.

What does it take for someone to trust?

How long does it take for someone to have confidence in trust?

Why does it take someone very long to trust?

How can we secure the trust from someone is hesitantly open to give?

Trust has a result of simplicity, but can have a complexity of process from the outside looking in.

Trust takes time, patience, and confidence of validity; a certainty to believe you and I have each others back in rapport.

Trust is like an ally of a reliance; a credence to invest in a credit statement for assurance.

Trust is appreciation; a guardianship to defend the value of concealed conversations and sensitivity identification of another.

Trust is conscientious of acknowledgment that integrity is golden, trust is acknowledgment that sincerity is like a Diamond in a rough,

it’s tough to believe in another person’s nervous system who’s not readily open to receive your interest and the love you desire to give.

Yet trust, though is conditional, the genuine certitude in gratitude is unconditional.

No room to prove to others how trustworthy you are, your integrity proves to be the greatest test over time.

At overtime is an extra period in revealing yourself to put in the right effort in being the best person who is willing to be transferred with the grant of trust to be trustworthy consistently, persistently, steadily, contentedly.

Pray, Create, Trust and Wait…. How much can you appreciate the weight for the concerns of another?

(C) 2023 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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