Covenant with God

Covenant makes me feel covered.

Covered for a possibility with certainty not possibility for potentiality.

Covenant is my run in security with reality.

There’s nothing too hard and nothing too far feel the touch of God among locality

Covenant it’s like seeing the sun shines with a smile upon my face.

Covenant with God, it’s the shape of my authenticity to embrace and nurture the fragrance of my skin from within.

For I am His and He is mine.

My Adultery with Idolatry serves no more space creepin’ to reside by my bedside.

Faithfulness, Godliness, Mercifulness; my restfulness is engaged with truthfulness.

By my side

The Most High God has always provide.

Take my hand O God, as you take me as your bride, I abide in peace when I feel your kisses.

For when I see the missing pieces from your departure, I still feel you’re near me with the tracks from the drops of your tears.

This road has been lonely, my genuineness attracts no phonies, yet I’ve been given strength to stand alone.

Only you I pronely and proudly inherit a sonly heritage with a connectivity to the Son that brights my path to embrace a solitude journey with gratitude.

Let me take drink of this cup of covenant. A celebratory of my greatest story that has yet been concluded.

(C) 2023 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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