Let Her Be My Water, I’ll Be Her Fire: Poetry of Desire

“If I’m the fire, let her be my falling water;

May the rejoices of my desire never falter!

Let her Water be refreshing, be uncontaminated, be pure, be resourceful, be nurturing, be replenishing, be a good taste to quench;

Let her water cool my burning intentions, to know the definition of what “slowing down” is,

to reserve and observe her peaceful serenity flowing freely and pure streams very well in the rivers of “living” waters.

Let me embrace the “giver” for her mineral elements for my taste buds, to remind myself why you are a necessity for the earth foundation of creation in productive functionality .

As the Lord proclaimed you and ordained you, let you “be the cistern” of my joy and fulfillment; for I will never go thirsty seeking for other solutes, because as the solvent, your love and presence is universal; forever I will always be drenched, ravishing the water falls of your love you pour out holistically.“

(C) Ter E Rucks 2019.

June 26, 2019

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