Love Vs. Lust

(Inspiration from the Holy Spirit)

“Love vs. Lust”

“Love SAVES time. . . . .Lust WASTES time

Love KEEPS. . . .Lust STEALS

Love KEEPS your freedom. . . .Lust STEALS your right what belongs to you. . .

Love Supplies. . . .Lust DEMANDS

Love STAYS no matter what . . . .Lust LEAVES whenever

Love RUNS to RECONCILE. . . . .Lust RUNS to DEPART. . .

Love ENDURES prayer time. . .Lust REDUCES prayer time

Love REPRODUCES. . . .Lust RECRUITS. . .

Love has a RESPONSIBILITY. . . . .Lust wants no ACCOUNTABILITY

Love has STANDARDS. . .Lust has no hold-bars!

Love is SINCERE. . .Lust is RUDE

Love CALMS. . .Lust puts PRESSURE

Love is FRESH. . . .Lust is FILTHY

Love says WAIT AWHILE. . .Lust says NOW or NEVER.

Love is PRUDENT. . .Lust is SIMPLE

Love gives THOUGHTS. . .Lust does WHATEVER it pleases.

Love SATISFIES. . .Lust can’t get no SATISFACTION

Love SERVES. . . .Lust looks what someone can give you . . .

Love is to heal your wounds. . . .Lust allows the bleeding to flow with no cautions.


Love is based on RELATIONS. . .Lust is based on POSITIONS.

Love gives eye on COVENANT…Lust gives eye on PERFORMANCE.

Love is an EAGLE that symbolizes honor. . .Lust is a SNAKE that symbolizes seduction to suck the very life of you. . .

Love SUPPORTS. . . Lust ABANDONS. . .

Love is all FULL. . . .Lust is always THIRSTY. . .

Love attracts the fragrance of the BEFRIENDLY. . . .Lust put upon a prey to attack to eat up the LONELY

Love comes from a circle of ACCEPTANCE. . . .Lust comes from a circle of REJECTION

Love is GRACE. . .Lust is JEALOUS

Lust has a agenda; behind the reasoning to fulfill its insecurity is, “What can I get more than what I can give?”


Love is BALANCED . . . .Lust is ONE SIDED, just RERUNS. . .

Love’s companion is Faithfully Wealthy. . . .Lust’s companion is Hanky Panky. . . .

Love applies to FULL-TIME WORKERS. . .Lust applies to Part-Time /Temporarily WORKERS.

Love has no intentions to cover up what is hidden. LUST hides to develop a make-up to cover-up a dirty secret.

Love is worship to IMPACT others. . .Lust is worship to IMPRESS others.

Love develops AFFINITY. . .Lust develops INFIDELITY

Love lives in humility. . . .Lust lives off of self-pride. .

Love doesn’t CARE for spotlights. . . .Lust CRAVES for the spotlight

Love is REALITY of TRUTH. . .Lust is a FANTASY of LIES

Love is the TRUTH. . .Lust is a LIE

Love is MATURING to GROW. . .LUST is IMMATURE by repeating over and over.

Love is COURAGE to look out for yourself . . . .LUST is being SHAME to yourself to keep yourself in the box for approval of someone else…

Love is the BRIDE. . .Lust is an AFFAIR. . . . .

Most people say Love is BLIND. . . . .But really, when you look at it LUST is. . .

For LOVE can SEE who they can trust to connect with who can give LIFE. While LUST is foolish to trust a complete stranger who is not bother to know you or care to come to a realization how close DEATH is knocking on your door.

There is no LIFE without LOVE. . .but there is LIFE without LUST. . . . .

There is no LIFE after Love. . .But there is LIFE after LUST . . . . . . . . .


I think LOVE is in need of a crown because it is the ultimate champion!”

“Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” –1 John 4:8

Love thrives on practicality and conscientiousness. Love never fails!

(C) Ter E Rucks 2012

August 11, 2012

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