“Love Her, Lead Her”

Initiative. Assertiveness. Gentleness. Directness. Transparency. Temperance. Understanding. Discernment. Conscious. Protection. Do you love her Man? Lead her. These are the value components to build on to solidify your worth to lead on transforming leadership.

Come and acknowledge the truth that Love has its roots with a guideline how to govern to live, how it’s given with a message to descend from Heaven to ascend above all flesh on Earth.

Do you love her Man? Lead her. How can a Man give if he doesn’t live to marinate the principles to gain knowledge to evolve in understanding the differences between quality and quantity?

Know Love, Love Wisely, Understand Love. Love is a tightly three string cord of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding; a united union as a nation. One falls for All in One.

Do you love her Man? Lead her. Don’t find time to love, make time for love. Love is more than just a word, Love is more than a feeling of adrenaline.
Love is a choice, Do everything in Love. It is a Spirit that energizes him to give his best, give his all to her with no lack, but full of faith and determination to get things done by any means.

Can you lead her?
If you love her, can you build her? Inspire her? Caress her? Teach her? Cover her? Pray over Her? Contend with her? Go to war with her? Give her romance a thousand ways each day for a lifetime?

Romance isn’t a short term “infatuation” of excitement; it is a long term of intention to pay her close attention with assurance to see what’s best in stores for the next discovery together in the journey.

Can you facilitate a mansion, a house you are building for her to reside to take your last name with great expectations? 

Can you guide her to all truth from the snares of deception that would try to contaminate her soul?

Can you lead her with clarity, for her to witness the accuracy of the anticipation, that would have her leave on with more absolutes than questions?

Can you protect her Godly image and the name you’ve given her for inheritance to guard from the forces of backlash that will clash against her?

Can you lead her Man? Put your practice in practicality, for principality will be your domain.

Let your fruits taste sweeter than your own words; because power isn’t power if all your talk doesn’t align with your walk.

Love her, lead her, guide her to all truth in liberty to free all vulnerability with responsibility.

Do you love her Man? Now it’s time to lead, for your greatest measurement is not what you have, but how you lead what you got what God has already given to you.

(C) Ter E Rucks 2019

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