Mature Love

Tell me your fears, tell me; what cause your tears to flow?
Baby, maybe it’s time to take things slow and see the deeper things in the big picture.

This mature love, there are no picks and chooses, there are solutions what we need to do what we choose to be involve in.

This mature love, it is not superficial, it is spiritual. 

This mature love has a strong heart beyond our own eyes, it is a love that loves with a passion so intense against all odds, a love so intense that it takes more than being sensual to withstand its aroma of spiritual fragrance. 

This mature love is the first glance to love all of you in all truth; the desires of you of your vulnerability fulfills my ability to see myself. How can I pour my all for you?

This mature love, it requires death for both of us, a beautiful ceremony to celebrate a rebirth for both lives to unite as one! 

Mature Love

We don’t die to compromise, we live to collaborate, to create to give our all-in truth that is due.

(C) Ter E Rucks 2019


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