There’s a speculation manifestation in the midst of manipulation.

It is like divination of the soul, so magnetic to be excused to be told that it is human nature.

Not knowing that the natural state of the human mind has a fall, seeking a foundation to find a way to lay down their thoughts as someone else’s fault.

Manipulation is like a dark twisted fantasy; a dark angel masquerading to be seen as light, confusing Power with superiority; confusing controlling as expression, confusing condemnation as truth, confusing seduction as love, confusing transparency as shaming, confusing “who’s always right” as leader.

Manipulation is so unfair, so unscrupulous, to be so skillful and so ever clever to be the stagnation to many failing marrying relationships, to severe ties from being a covenant at its best convenience.

Manipulation is the pride to make strides to be a favorite suggestion for the crying broken hearted;

To make hard headed provisions with this vision with the old saying that what goes around comes back around.

But what they not know is, that the heart of the manipulative is the initiative to be the greatest fall in mankind for their soul to be stoled from their innocence to praise their ignorance to never grow to take away what they learn what was sown.

Manipulation, injustice for all; pledging the fall without knowing who they give their power to; Is the number one issue to give the victims their tissue; seeking to devour the desperate who pray to be a prey to be destroyed upon.

Manipulation, how much greed can you stay so mean, for your love for the money tree stay so green? That your own power is poisonous to poise yourself blindsided, to take your crown of life to be upside down?

(C) Ter E Rucks 2019

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