Chicago Botanic Garden; Glencoe, Il;
August 2019
Photo courtesy of Terry Rucks

It is one of the most misconstrued word many have misunderstood.

Many think it’s a short-term honeymoon sensation, when infatuation meets ecstasy when the moon rises.

Many think it’s a concrete ideology that only pertains to Physical hormonal gratification as the only gratitude to reward a good attitude.

But Romance is spiritual, psychological, biological abstraction relations in adding preservation why we want the best for our relationships.

Romance, the color of bloody red, was the same color Christ died for his love for the flaws of humans to be saved, for us to give red roses to our love ones to remind us unconditional love.

Many say they want a relationship with their best friend, but a best friend can only do so much to give their best to know intimately.

Romance is not a short term terminology, it is the next level; it is a long-term intention to give your undivided attention to give your very best at all time, to show the love you are willing to lay your life down that your friends couldn’t do all the time.

Save the last dance. Romance is a dance. You only get better knowing your next move when you put the time in. Romance is not finding time to give love; it’s making time to give love.

Romance is beautiful in God’s creation when he made man and woman.

Romance is a mystery. It is a discovery to pull out the best for each other. It is understanding the depths under the sea what your heart treasures in secret for the truth in intimacy. It is an adventurous journey to strive and survive against all odds. It is a consuming fire that burns, igniting the flames with a learning desire in studying construction connection.

Romance is intimacy with a direct way to show many ways to express love. It is actuality in practicality. The warming, nurturing, sensation of contentment shuts the door to the outside cold elements of temptation. So peaceful, so serene, it always answers the problems with solutions blamelessly.

Romance is patience at will, it stays still until the condition of the heart is perfected till the end.

Gaze the eyes of your beloved alive in style. Romance is always making new ways for love to stay relevant and fresh with no burdensome of boredom.

Give Romance it’s rightful place to dwell. Can’t you see the big picture that it is a Garden, that needs water for your plants to grow within your soul

to paint to see a beautiful portrait how God wants you to deserve the love to grow that is successfully tasteful to see it in your senses to forever say, “I Do, I Will, I Can, I Am”.

Chicago Botanical Garden; Glencoe, Ill; August 2019
Photo Courtesy of Terry Rucks

(C) Ter E Rucks 2019

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