Why Care? Part I

Why care if people tell you the truth not from their mouths?

Why care if people dare not to lead a movement to move with their feet to reconcile in rectifying what’s right?

Why care if people unfriend you from social media without telling?

Why care if people who don’t know you to meet you in person aggravate you, leading you to question yourself to hate the psychological features God gave you?

Why do we get defeated intelligently when people don’t understand you emotionally?

Why do we care if someone doesn’t stand tall on their words to call you back?

Why care to let emotions get the best of us over those who really showed their true colors?

Why don’t we take care to tell ourselves the truth how colors effect our state how we feel?

If the truth sets us free, why don’t we care to process it through the grains, and heal automatically?

Why do we care, if everything in life is not about us?

Why do we care, if the truth is we are not the problem to everyone else?

Why do we care what others say, if we know the truth abides in us what we already said what we think?

(C) Ter E Rucks 2019

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