Stability is credibility given by God.

Stability is a sound of mind; a will and ability for confidence that can not be shaken in creation to tolerate possibilities.

Stability is a rock; it never moves nor changes like the stock market. It knows its target where it is going, because it’s funded firmly by its foundation.

Stability is abstract, it sees creativity in long suffering, no matter what the circumstances are,

Stability remains true what it is real. Just because it’s a raw reality, doesn’t mean it’s a fatality of dead dreams from afar.

Stability is more than money it’s not even funny, because stability doesn’t cost anything to have fun in distributing, enjoying how you profiting from discovering.

Go ahead, dive head board to open that risky business to chase your dreams and visions,

But assess to the adjustments, to have a security of stability for your risks to stand on ground, just like your wrist has to have support on land how you fall.

Stability is wisdom that rises from above. The results looks beautiful like a white dove, so beautiful, pleasurable, so clear to see.

Stability is loyalty. Patience has its crown to see honor in growth and development given their rightful royalties.

Stability loves to plan, because it always looks forward for a romantic date to flirt with future that is spontaneous and exciting.

Stability is truly how we are connected in demonstration, staying long to see how we are dissected to close division gaps between two hearts.

Stability loves to understand, it seeks to see the under world of your sentiments for our commiseration.

Stability is the art of the unmovable realm. “I ain’t going anywhere”, because what’s worth for the peace of me, is worth to keep all the pieces for us all!

(c) Ter E Rucks 2019

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