First Day Of The Fall: Ode To Autumn

Mount Vernon, NY; November 2018
Photo Courtesy of Terry Rucks

First Day of the Fall.

Fall. A season of change, so unique on its own to adapt.

A season of preparation for all things to fall on. The temperature falls, the leaves fall, the raindrops fall for a harvest to be rebirth on the 9th month of the year.

Fall is the Harvest of them all; Sweeties day, tailgating, home-goings for the coming, a public declaration to give thanks in giving; Fall is romantic to feel the love of community in unity.

For there is a new gear shifted for the year of the Lord to restore in a moment of a lifetime, to recreate great memories in a timeline.

A New season, A New Day, A New Glory To Fall on with the warm embrace of God’s affection in the cold elements of the earth.

Let God be exalted for his hands over time in creation for the equal nights of the equinox; covering the sphere of the Northern hemisphere to be conducive in the atmosphere where we are standing here on today.

Welcome Back Fall!

Ter E Rucks (c) 2019

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