Woman. The Wombman. Elegance, Resilience, Brilliance, Intelligence.

More than a divine being, she is the image of God from the rib of the man of God.

Woman. Wombman. Her essence is like water. Her beautiful emotions flows like the ocean, very serene, refreshing, very open to exposure, willing to give herself to serve others to see the capacity how deep she is.

Woman. Wombman. Her sensational beauty, her tender, wavy body, like the waves of the deep sea, goes beyond many changes to bypass to see the deepness of her heart; to discover her true moods through the storms of seasons.

Woman. Wombman. She is a fountain wife for life to love and ravish forever. Her Spirit is wisdom from heaven of above.

Woman. Wombman. Her mind is stimulated for curiosity of knowledge and discernment to detect to protect the water wells of the well being for all.

Woman. Wombman. Her determination develops her maturation from a girl to woman. For you been through so much. Labor pain. Betrayal. Anger. Crying in the wilderness wondering who can you trust with all the love you yearn for to learn all life?

Woman. Wombman. I’m sorry, on behalf as a Man, we misunderstood where you stood on your ground.

I’m sorry that we confused sex course for stamina benefits, when all you wanted was a close bond connection of synergy for a long lasting stability for the state of mind of vitality.

I’m sorry we confused headship leadership with stubbornness; when really you want fairness for your voice to be valued.

Woman. Wombman. I apologize for manipulating, ridiculing, and abusing your womb for pleasure than purpose, for insensible than mindful. Your womb. Is part of your divine temple blessed by God for blood covenant to keep for the committed.

Woman. Wombman. I’m sorry we let you down, that many of you didn’t know how to trust in knowing an example what a Godly man is.

Don’t be ashame Woman. Wombman. We love you. We want to change our hearts to see the true heart of a woman.

We want to see God so we can see eyes of understanding of the Godly woman. We want to honor you for your resilience; never giving up during the hard times.

Woman. Wombman. Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister.

Love her, guide her, honor her, cherish her; protect her; may her life be worthy unto God to live and collaborate with her all the days of her life. You deserve the greatest.

Have mercy on me after all the games that were played before you take my last name. Because loving you, is loving me.

Love, Kings……..


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