Love Of All Ages

Young, Ready, but Frustrated. Intellectually, Spiritually, and Mentally, you got it all. You have dreams and visions for a matured love you always wanted that your own peers from your own group can’t apprehend.

Your dreams however come to a halt, when that person you always wanted, who breathed air on God’s earth longer than you have, declined your pursuit because of your expectations and current state how it is positioned upfront on stage isn’t inclined to their interests in discretion.

This attraction, this love that is real, is not on accident; for the young to be magnetically romantically attracted to the old. This love is not a crush nor an infatuation, it is a decision of my own.

Love doesn’t discriminate the time of the ages.

But everyone is on a different stage in the age of transitioning.

You maybe young, vibrant, and restless, but you may not be ready to handle the responsibilities you have yet invested in yourself.

You maybe older and already have some experiences written down on your track record of your resume, but because of your past hurts and self doubts, you are afraid to fly to make love and relationships stay alive afloat in serenity.

You may be a veteran with honorable credentials what you’ve already been through, but it seems that the search for love isn’t compatible on your end. When you want longevity for something that will last, you are frustrated that your peer circle have a short of breath that they can’t keep up with the times how a relationship is suppose to stand for the last time.

But under every season, there is every activity and transformation under the timing of Heaven.

Perhaps years from now your mate wasn’t ready few years prior, and now they are complete as a total package as a gift ascend from Heaven that has leaven a substantial stain in your heart.

Love needs patience to warm up to bake and make great companionship to a courtship to stand alone as the one covenant United that can’t be coveted; for patience is the wisdom for love, rooted in stability with pure abilities.

There’s no need to be hard on yourself, for patience doesn’t discriminate the age of love. Just embrace your space what you have on your stage of this life cycle; that someone can hold it down to love you for 100 years than someone who can only love you for 100 days.

(c) Ter E Rucks 2019

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