Courtesy of Terry Rucks; Chicago, IL;
October 2019

Wisdom. ˈwɪzdəm. wistuom.

When there is wisdom, there is a open window to awaken me from my sleep to see the ray of light of the big picture outside my sight.

When there is wisdom, there is love; because wisdom is pregnant by love. How can you have wisdom when you don’t have love to take care of a seed what you conceived?

When there is wisdom, there is the considerate; a celebration in a collaboration to look out for one another. With no wisdom, how can we apprehend to meet the needs for one another?

When there is wisdom, there is understanding; to know where we stand

For wisdom isn’t universal, wisdom is divine by God for those who seek Him to see divine change abide by his hands. How can you get wisdom without asking?

Contrary to the popular fanfare, wisdom isn’t popular. Wisdom doesn’t have many friends.

When there is wisdom, expect others to raise their eyebrows. When there is wisdom, expect your circle be trusted by the few who grew to stick by the roots guided by the truth.

When there is wisdom, knowledge is not in vain; for there is purpose behind the pain of experiences and failures for you to gain new insights for recovery what is not tainted.

When there is wisdom, there are no regrets, there’s no open door for heartbreaks. For there is a crate to put all your doubts and trauma inside when your faith is bigger than your own philosophy to construct your biography.

When there is wisdom, there is pure clarity of the conspicuous that is not suspicious: there is either black or white. Yes or no. Right or wrong. For whoever loves wisdom love their own soul given by God.

When there’s wisdom, there is the thoughtful strategy in plan for an agenda that stands out so loud.

Wisdom is not a smooth saying and jive talking; Wisdom exalts the humble to affirm that something’s are better left unsaid. Wisdom is left in the hands to make your best move by making of a decision. What is the precision of your decision?

Wisdom. It all matters from the heart; how far you willing to dig from underneath to defunct your dysfunction?

Ter E Rucks (C) 2019

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