What is your origin?

What are your objectives?

What is your format?

What is your future?

What is your passion?

What is your process?

What is your depth?

What makes you different?

What is your sound?

What is your demeanor?

What are your fears?

What causes the flowing tears to ignite a burning desire?

How did you bounce back when your back was against the cemented walls?

How did you rise up from your greatest fall?

How did you stay true from giving your all and not lose your soul?

How did you know your sole mate when you know your name was not suitable for all?

What was your impact you left for the next man coming up?

How did you know your time was up to step down?

What was your greatest feeling in being the first?

The greatest feeling is not being in thirst for desperation,

But to trust the process of separation, to not feel the need nor anxiety for approval appraisals of all.

My morality is originality.

Being born separated and consecrated gives me the birthright of originality.

To stand alone independently, creatively successfully isn’t an overnight sensation.

My truth is a brutal blow, to know that I am not for every one. My interest rates are not the best investments for every one.

The tears, the pain, the scales of the burden weight are what I ate that formed a shape in being an original size.

In the eyes of many, some say it’s a curse, some say it’s a blessing

but if you have to look back and change any lessons you have just learned, how will you comprehend the truth of your origins of your originality?

Originality. Disinter your identity. Where do you stand amongst the formality?

(C) Ter E Rucks 2020

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