Soul Development Développement De L’âme

The mind, the will, the emotions.

My body is the wheel of the motions that carry the three components of my existence alongside of my five senses.

Soul Development. It’s one of the most essential functions of the living organism we can easily neglect.

But my soul is the reflect of my living Spirit that resides inside of me, it is Divine indeed in glory with no selfish worry.

I manage my cognitive erratic tactics, I buried my erotic desires not to consume the fire that enrages my soulful curiosities that will burn out my virginity vulnerabilities.

I stay sober with an intention of responsibility without the irresistibility influence of alcohol, nicotine, and weed to feel the need to gain my conscious clarity birthright to resurrect my visions to dream again.

With clarity, my soul breathes freely, with a sound of mind; breath given by God is richer in taste than red wine.

Never mind the indulgences, my soul is at rest for the best to refrain from the idols that wants to coddle my gluttony glued in guilt.

For the Belly gods must be starving and be under subject to submit what I am willing to hold back what I won’t lack in what I prioritize.

My soul is the prize and the development I prioritize will not die in a lie. Soul development is a discovery of the truth, to root out the errors.

Soul Development, our relationship needs it for this era. To pinpoint and be upfront of our leaking holes that deepens my insecurities that prevents us from being whole individually and collectively.

Soul Development, it’s not where you come from, but where you’re at. How can I get back on track to the lineage of my roots? For my Soul Development is the truth in reflection of my energy level in a synergy relationship with God.

Be determined. Get developed. Stay delivered. For the Lord has predetermined the steps of goals. My soul is the greatest gold that can’t be sold. What will be my greatest story told? The condition of my Soul. Développement De L’âme

(C) Ter E Rucks 2020

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