He is…God Is. . . Healing Education Masculinity

God is He.

He is in Me.

He is Power.

He is the Wisdom.

He is Direct.

He is the Judge.

He is a Protector.

He is Balanced.

He is Authoritative.

He is Independent. He moves with the initiatives with a target.

He is a Provider. He provides wealth for the soul that money can’t get me out of this hell hole.

He is tough. His response of his reactions is eccentric and rarely modeled.

He is Discipline. He is master all crafts and knowledge.

He is Visionary. With a mission to facilitate a missionary.

He is Loving. His deeds soothes the needy.

He is truth.

He divides the attitude of my thoughts and the instincts of my roots from his divine dialect to prune good fruit with no ruin.

He is lover of humanity in the universe.

He is a lover and respected all of woman of the earth. He is leaned on to be her comforter and true example of masculinity.

He has partnership for all of man. To teach how lead, love, uplift his territory.

He is Resourceful.

He is a Father.

His masculinity is my identity.

What is the truth of his identity?

Live in all Power; to tower all principality for truth to withstand in reality.

(C) Ter E Rucks 2020

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