The Foundations of the Earth: Esprit du Seigneur, The Spirit of the Lord

The Spirit of God….

The Defender of the people.

The Defender of the innocence.

The Defender of the original rights of foundational origins.

The Defender of Rightful communication.

The Defender of every tear, every fear, every anger looking for a free expression with of reason to smile.

The Defender of our roots, rooted in love to rise above against the demised plans discord of division.

The Defender of the mind, will, and emotions of the soul.

The Defender of wisdom and understanding to calm the calamity for a solution to every question.

The Defender of mighty counsel to train the weak for strength against oppression of a systematic opponent.

The Defender of knowledge to acknowledge the truth that fear of the Lord will prevail over darkness deception of injustice and illusion.

Stay energized to be civilized.

Blessed are the peacemakers, they are called, the Sons of God. 🌞

(C) Ter E Rucks 2020 All Rights Reserved

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