Let me speak to your Mind, Body and Spirit bae.

This is unusual everyday.

The way our love generates paves a new wave toward our way.

Are we ready to live our lives without the lies?

Are ready to embark on this journey to establish our roots in Truth?

Are you ready to embrace the Truth that can be so ruthless that is a necessity for our luxurious growth?

Are ready to anticipate our seasonal vortex of uncertainty in our cries and insecurities, alongside with our the internal pleasures of joy, clarity, and confidence?

Are you ready to think collectively together and not think the same?

Are you ready to stay in sane and not lose your cool when things don’t go the way it was planned?

Are you ready to make adjustments with your pace for us to finish the race with the same grace at different frequencies?

Are you ready for a lifetime sacrifice to be all time wife with no limited benefits of a girlfriend?

Are you ready to join me to put all in of your wants as much as your needs?

Are you ready to be consistent with your composure over your mood swings?

Are you ready for God to push you higher on the swings to fly with wings beyond your understanding of aspirations?

Do you understand your body is not the total package of your conscious inspirations?

Do you understand the true meaning of relations in relationships? That your body isn’t a sensuous eye candy for a thirst to taste; but it is a transportive vehicle that carries the soul of your mind, will, and emotions.

Do you understand these three strand cords components of the Soul can speak life to your man to realize to meditate beyond his potential to become his reality?

Do you understand as a Holy Bae, you are unique, rare, set apart for a time like this?

Do you understand we can be influential together to rule and reign for thousand years over our consuming days?

Are you ready to corroborate with our energy to collaborate a conducive synergy?

Are you ready to be familiar with the unusual? Unusual passion, unusual encounters, unusual faith, unusual miracles, unusual communication, unusual legacy to generate generations so greatly.

Know that this love was built on a stone with a vision in plan, not to be visual for a lavish show for the social vultures in a superficial culture.

Let us join and adorn ourselves to set our desires what God breathed on us for a will to erect. To sacrifice our love for each other the same way God gives mercy unto us so genuinely passionately for harmony.

This is service at its finest. To serve in my greatest capacity for you as I do unto God.

Let my leadership be active in quieting my mind and quieting my tongue to marinate the words you speak that will startled my vital force in full attention.

Let me feel your trust; so I can thrust my will to commit to you fearlessly, courageously.

To live bravely in being honest with myself to lead myself to carry out your truth in my arms in your quest to be the best for the rest of our lives.

(C) 2021 All Rights Reserved Ter E. Rucks

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