Skill At Will, True To Rule: Pleasure Purpose Part II

Chicago (December 2020)

It takes time and effort to build, but it is simple for one take to destruct and kill.

Contrary to popular belief, Positivity is really not popular.

If it were, people will embrace the truth that will be a positive development to transcend their own understanding and emotional state of mind.

Many people believe and are comfortable to reside beside their own misery, limitations, and the power of the enemy of their own trauma.

Though negativity spread the masses like wildfire, the breath of God will have the last laugh.
“Turn not to the worthless things that have no profit to your soul.”

Words of Life will outlast among them all.

But let me interrupt the fantasies of your anticipated needs with the realities of transforming your mind and finding your true peace like a gold mine:

Success takes work. Marriage thrives with work. Faith needs work to make your prophetic vision comes to pass. Being studious of your work will only last how much it’s spent in value called time.

Practicality makes your dream a reality. Skill needs the will to go over the edge to stay on top with a winning edge.

But no one ever taught us to strip naked for the truth. That there’s a cost what we are willing to lose to gain to live in peace. There’s cost to restrain to gain your Godly consciousness and your will to win.

In the end, you have found the strength what’s within.

That the the greatest weight is how you endure, to finish to the end.

God gives you purpose to extend to live with skill at will to stay true to rule, what’s your purpose to defend against your offense?

(C) 2020 Ter E. Rucks All Rights Reserved

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