Pleasure Purpose III: Tales of a Bachelor….

Masturbating is procrastinating.

Fantasizing is over imagination stagnation, with no action.

I am my own man before his time of plan.

Seeing time bypass so fast with a moment that doesn’t have a promise to last.

I have my own masters before the game of engagements.

I am my own name before the prearrangements of fame to get involve with a woman who I call a help mate.

In the land of the famine, I swim in familiar deep rivers with the bachelor pads afloat not with privileges, but with my rights to live in the light of an enlightenment.

My greatest fight is to be my own flight commander. Fly with no restrictions, to fly with no flight attendants.

Knowing my audience I cater to is my best attendance.

She’s fine but she can’t stimulate my mind.

There’s no need to say I do , I got things to do.

I need experience and leverage how to stand on my own.

I am married to greatest version who I need to be.

I love the God who’s within me, who gives me the greatest power to have authority in responsibility.

Faithfulness is my greatest opportunity for my faith to be seen as a unity.

I am obsess in evaluating my own measurements how up close and personal I measure up to be. No need for perfection; I make adjustments to perfect my maturation.

This is the tales of the bachelor. My education is empowerment, empowering compassion for myself before others.

My legacy isn’t what I consume; my greatest drive is to provide.

My graduation is my maturation, moving, shifting, taking one step ahead to the another, not being bothered whats beyond my control.

How well I master with I, my greatest determination is the quality I support someone alongside I, for the eternal pleasure called purpose.

What is the greatest factor being a bachelor? Mastering my own masters to aspire the fate of my own throne. 👑

(C) 2021 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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