Emotional Intelligence

The future is not me, but we.

Awareness. Regulation. Inspiration. Empathy. Leading skillfully gracefully.

Communication is the greatest channel designed by God to discern the frequency of our understanding to draw out depths of the cistern.

My greatest relationship is expression. No need to feel shame nor bashful about my own crash of incidents I have endured.

Humility isn’t about being right, but doing the right thing.

You want freedom. I want more movement.

I want to meditate and ask Holy Spirit what’s the right thing to take the next step in midst of someone’s presence in front of my face?

I feel the intensity, overwhelming, rushing waters of the emotions of my internal being.

I love the power to study and being studious of the sound of mind.

The ravish and passion of consciousness to be conscientious; to be full in fulfilling a need of someone’s question and curiosity.

I love the divine power to care thoroughly what others look through beyond reasoning of the conscious.

Emotional Intelligence. We create a vision with one mission.

Clarity is with a clear cut decision what God directly declares to show and tell over our intuition.

Lay your head on my chest. I am all ears to hear and be near by your side.

The subjective tasteful tales spoken from the words of your mouth raises great vibration in tune with the moon in serenity.

Sincerely EQ. It is accurate and sharp like an acute GQ. Discerning, relating, connection, gracious and judicious it is great taste and see relationship be in touch.

Emotional Intelligence. A border to have in common to be uncommon. It’s not magic. It’s not spooky. It’s just intentional.

It’s more than just the positive vibes, more than just a positive mind; it’s the settlement to be enlighten to resolve to evolve internally for the beginning of a conclusion that is eternal.

(C) 2021 All Rights Reserved Ter E Rucks

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