Open Space

Every romantic story begins with a friendship;

but not every friendship reaches climax in a romantic anticipation for a relationship in the end.

This is a relationship that is open minded for an unusual space that embraces with arms wide open…..

an Open Space.

This is the case that is open with intentions; paying attention to the details of many cases the soul has unveil what have been concealed;

civil cases, briefcases, domestic cases, bookcases full of collection of psychologic photographic documents of our past, present and future our memory craves to recall.

Though this call consists of a nostalgic hearing

There is a logical blueprint objective for us to move forward in our journey of healing.

For our Faith moves by hearing,

humility in kneeling near to God gives us strength & optimism for progression against the oppression of the enemies lines of regression.

An Open Space traces our own reflection of our own hearts and thoughts that we were not meant to live naked and lonely;

but to share our clothes for each other nakedness for to see our inner parts the public can’t see with their naked eyes.

Open Space. This is a space I have for you and me to see our inner child heal.

I want to see you laugh,

I want to see how you cry,

I want to see how you try in effort to be empowered in nurturing the child within you.

I’m rooting for you;

living with a Childlike faith, we are inherited from a seed from God as one of his own children,

to live abundantly, and not be forsaken in this open space that is the heavenly gates on earth.

Open Space.

Where our hearts and minds are clean to live in peace with you righteously,

love you righteously,

listen to you righteously,

correct your faults righteously,

differentiate our differences righteously,

converse with you in righteousness conversation with nothing to hide,

but with an expectation to find strength to our matters.

Open Space.

Holding each other tight, to be a light in each other’s path to escape from trauma to triumph.

Engaging, Intentions, Conscientious, Trust, and Adversity reveals the true puzzle pieces of friendship we have opened up to fill up our space.

(C) 2021 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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