Dear Lord: I’m Concerned

Dear Lord, I’m concerned.

How long I will I have to mourned?

For this is the heart beat of the Prophets.

Our words we speak is not for profit in want for the people to hear;

but our words is profit to sow a seed for the people to hear in need.

Dear Lord I’m concerned. Help me to believe in the prayers of your words, so I can achieve to fulfill your world.

Dear Lord I’m concerned. Help me to be still silently in midst of all the noise to hear the whispers of your voice.

Dear Lord I’m concerned of my self image. Help me give me a peace of mind what is true to be me.

Dear Lord I’m Concerned. Give me joy to rejoice what I recover, to really understand that the long suffering helped me to stand alone.

And alone I stand for so long, I am immune with the detachments, disassociations, disappointments, and the natural disasters. I no longer care how much longer I can wait with anticipation of the fascination of my own dreams, goals, what I really desire.

Dear Lord help me to be more concern what I can’t see, but to only see the need what I can hear by drawing near to the wisdom of the greatest of the great One that says, I Am That I Am.

Dear Lord How Long Will I Mourn for this little boy you knew before his mother’s womb before the breathe of his provision resides in the stone tomb?

Dear Lord I Am Concerned. Help me deepen the cries for to see what others can’t see, what others can’t hear what I hear, and what others can’t believe what I can BE.

(c) 2021 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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