Detroit. An Ode City 313

Standing Strong like the graven fist of Joe Louis, throwing hard punches than Frazier and Ali,

this is not thrilla in Manila, this a Detroit love song like the Spinners. One of a Kind, the Games people play, there’s a reason why many wish to stay to see a better day in the Detroit City.

Rest In Paradise to the original wakanda of Paradise Valley; where true wealth of blackness is a proud class painting a sweet portrait with a touch of jazz, Detroit players swinging in a Detroit Ballroom.

City of Pride Of Lions and Tigers who were not afraid of the Bears; eating tasty Red Wings with a bad boy hot sauce of the Pistons outside of the kitchen.

Tamla found her love in sounds and found her bed to rest on West Grand Boulevard when she married her husband and changed her name to Motown. It was just a imagination when Tamla and Motown made love and produce their greatest hits. Their greatest temptation were a masterpiece.

There were many changes in 7-eleven after the Summer of ‘67. Broken businesses, homes, and frustration of regression lead the progression of Gordy moving production of of the town of Motor city to the city of Angeles for Hollywood.

For then on, the bright lights of Detroit city became the woods of the forest, deadly quiet with nothing but luxury losses. New York Chicago, LA and Philly were roaring and Detroit loss it’s roar.

But the Pride will never die. Some call it a revival, but Detroit has already arrived. With a hard fist fighting for life and rebirth; He fights back in resiliency with continuity of a village community.

Just as the earth will be filled with the knowledge of God’s Glory, as the waters cover the sea; may it see the Prophetic signs & Miraculous glory of the Divine cover the waters of the Detroit River.

As the Spirit of Detroit landmark boldly claims, “Now the Lord is that Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, and there is liberty; may the God’s breath through the Spirit of every man and woman for a rebirth, regeneration, and rebuilding on a stable foundation of a new cause why Detroit is a hometown called home of Glory.

(c) 2022 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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