Healed Man: The Confessions of A Healing Soul

Unsung. Unrecognized. Assertive. Conscientious. Poised.

O Lord you are the counselor of His heart; the conductor of His heart beat. May the sounds of the beat of His heart march align with precision in every decision I must take in consideration. I am Him and He is me.

A Real Man is questionable and subjective. A Healed man is indisputable and obvious.

Healed man. Tasteful. Refined. Always hungry to eat the Fruits from the Tree of Life in Spirit and in Truth.

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self Control are not just his administration, but it is the manifestation of I Am.

He is aware what he reaps in how he sows and how he loves generationally.

He just dreams and wishes others could see his greatest measures of need. To see his size of his heart and the unseen sensibilities of his sensitivity. How he heavily feels is irresistible.

Healed Man. He wants to be heard; but He wants to be valued on what he expresses, not to impress others, but to speak out for the oppress.

His vulnerability is measured by quality of communication. His Vulnerability is not measured in emotions nor shame, but priorities that is essential to address what needs to be a concern.

Healed man. He is not afraid to speak up to speak out what needs to be cast out that’s hindering their sight and growth. Concern is his priority.

Healing Man Prophetic Pronouncement:

I am growing with God.

I am growing my discernment to distinguish Spirits what’s good will ascendancy vs what is God’s will ascendancy.

I am growing to accept all of responsibilities of my greatest rise and fall.

I am growing being a genuine friend for myself in need to pouring unto others.

I am growing in my character to produce fruits that my gifts can’t exceed alone.

I am growing in being in control of my reactions from others perception, deception and hurtful defamation against me.

I am growing to quickly value what I hear with my ears than to speak swiftly with no understanding.

I am growing out of my offense, with a will to confront against the deficients of the blast from my past.

I am growing to be engaging and proactive to teach and speak life over all organs and organisms alive on this earth.

I am growing to be the Protector of Peace, I am selective to give and sow good seed that will grow and bear great fruit.

I am growing to be the defender of the continuity of my community; I will stand in the gap for our women and children, with a burning heart + desire to protect and preserve the womb for a healing and prosperous generation.

I am growing to be a brothers keeper, to never shame him of his own blame over his downfalls, but to humbly restore him greatly to generate in sharing the great story of restoration for all.

I am growing to be a philologist of higher learning of life; a lover of studying and yearning, and the philosophy of God’s divine perspectives to understand the cries of my why in joy and pain.

I am growing to understand the true meaning to live to gain; the willingness to suffer what I desire to give up immediately to grow up alive suddenly again!

I am growing progressively in Wisdom and Understanding. Peace always surpasses my greatest potent of potential.

I am Him and He is within me. As God is in him, he will not fail!

(C) 2022 All Rights Reserved Ter E Rucks


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