A Letter To My Ex (Save my next for the best)

Dear Ex:

Thanks for taking a moment reading this.

Thanks for us crossing paths; I never regretted to encounter your presence I didn’t want to miss.

Thanks for showing your interest in me; I learned how important interest shouldn’t be one-sided.

Thanks for showing me your intentions; I learned that patterns are a great discovery of discernment.

Thanks for the affections and the kisses you gave; I learned the importance of a thrill a kiss can heal open wounds.

Thanks for showing your true colors; it taught me what being genuine is

Thanks for your sarcasm; I learned that he language of words has mobility in non verbalism.

Thanks for your criticism; it made me look deeply in myself to rediscover me.

Thanks for your impatience; it taught me not how to haste.

Thanks for your belittling words from a fearful heart of fate; it taught me not to hate.

Thanks for being blunt; it taught me how to extend grace.

Thanks for your complexity; it taught me how to stay in my place.

Thanks for your unrest nature; it taught me what was not peaceful to rest in anxiety.

Thanks for your telling your next man about about my downfalls; I will tell him he’s the best man to build upon the walls for you.

Thanks for the experience; it was worth for the journey.

Thanks for the love you expressed; it taught me that being in love didn’t always mean purpose.

Thanks for the vetting your frustrations you’ve shown when things didn’t go your way; it only taught me how unfit I was to stay in your space.

Thanks for telling me I wasn’t man enough; I learned what I needed to level up to be in love with the Man I needed to be.

Thanks for your bluntness that exposed my insecurities that shattered and splatter my internal bleeding; it taught me that love should be lead in confidence.

Thanks for being in love with my potential; I’m learning to be in love with my progression.

Thanks for your purpose; it only taught me how to grow to be from here to there.

Thanks for your presence, there’s more in life to live and learn than to die and earn by force.

Thank you my ex. You don’t know how much I respect you. My mouth is full of honor and gratitude with a humble attitude.

Thanks for your presence you imprinted in my life, may you go off to be best wife of your youth.

Thank you my ex, for giving me the greatest awakening, to be the very best for my lifetime of next.

4ever Love and Honor

(C) 2022 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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