Organic (Holding Space + Hearing Heart)

I wish men and women can find ways how to connect. The collective Union of bargaining is at a disconnect.

There’s lack of empathy.

There’s lack of celebration for each other differences.

There’s lack of genuine curiosity and no velocity in getting to know one another.

There’s lack of trust. The hurtful soreness swell of the past thrusts the tolerance of pain to be insensitive and make love feel insignificant alone.

There’s lack of optimism; that there is a belief that no great men are around, that there’s no humble women of understanding.

There’s lack of Maturity. The absence of sound of mind has severe the foundational soil of a soul man and woman.

And when there’s lack of Soul, the greatest measure of intimacy is the pleasure in theatrics of performance; loose drawstrings and quantity of adulterated conversations that can gain fanfare with no momentum.

Just because it is organic, it is natural and animated, doesn’t mean the matters of the living void being worked on. All living things need to be conditioned to grow accustom in continuity.

Environment matters. Let us create a culture within our relationship to know where we stand on in communion.

The greatest ambition is intention.

Holding space, let me wait and taste the aroma of our current prep.

Let’s enjoy the simplicity of our eclecticism that surpasses our skepticism from our frustrations.

We never want to be friends with someone we quarrel in disputes, so why not give the same energy to not settle in irreconcilable disputes with each other in relationships?

Make Compassion sexy again.

”Let’s normalize with the will to ask our beloved the question, “How are you feeling?”

With each other heads on our chests, this is the synergy what God wants to share between you and I.

A common knowledge to share our truth, our co-sufferings, our blood, our passion in desire to alleviate our pain to gain strength in the communion in our home to transform our community outside our window.

Organic growth.
I heal. You heal. We both heal. Holding space with open hearts. You and I create a masterpiece of art that is timeless we crave for affinity in infinity.

(C) 2022 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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