Her Eyes Were Watching God

When I look into her eyes it reads, Fear of God.

Her eyes; so exotic, so pure, so alarming, so lovely, fiercely pierced like an owl awoke in the midnight, so awakening,

So discerning, it can see beyond my humanistic impression and exoskeleton system.

The sound of her voice arouses my nervous system and gives life long benefits to my bones.

She’s intriguing, so intuitive. Her God given intuition is so impeccable. It picks up and executes at the perfect velocity at the right time.

Her body is sacred. This body of righteousness. Her line curves acknowledges her first reality makeup of her Godly femininity.

Her bosom is honorable, nurturing, her breastplate serves as the service core of righteousness.

Her hair represents the crown from glory of her God breathed flow how it blows.

Out of her throat flows the rivers of living water. Her breath is fresh like a breeze mint odor; uncontaminated, filtered, replenished, refreshing in a immaculate order. There is life in front of her. Out of her heart comes Wisdom, charity, and Understanding.

Her hips is the connection of her movement in union of her proactive progression.

The beauty of her feet, sweeps in the direction where she’s going in her servitude.

Her greatest attitude is her accountability fulfill her responsibility. To repent is to rephrase her logic to not repeat her nostalgic stagnant cycle. Her mind is the marital meditation from the Mind of Christ in being one with the Mind of God.

Her eyes were watching God. There is electric buzz about her eccentricity. She is so unusual in this community, she talks different, she walks different, she’s confident without taking a break in making a public announcement, she has unmerited favor without breaking a sweat.

Her eyes were watching God, Her intentions are clear like standing on the sea; beauty, stimulating, flowing direct with a force to be reckoned with.

A heroine. She is the glory of a Man and his Kingdom affairs. Idealized, admired, noble, respectable; may her devoted heart unto God be praiseworthy for her greatest worth.

(C) 2022 Ter E Rucks

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