The Philosophies of Love | Lingual L’ Amour

How can I create to enliven the appeal of your sex?

Is it the fragrance of my cologne? Is it my height? Is it my weight?

Is it money? It is education stature? Is it status?

It is none above. It is the ascendancy of God and it can’t be forgotten. It’s about the education of multi dimensional lingual that has to be interpret.

Don’t try to be an expert, be a listener instead; let your words be an excerpt while your ears are attentive to catch the main conclusion of each other’s intuition.

Love is action and it is a language. It’s body language, it’s a language of words, it’s language of deeds, it’s a language of manifestation of the Spirit.

Love is sensual. A Sensual language is more than physical penetration, but the penetration of concentration with our intentions how to confer our connection.

Love is facing against your feelings.

Everyone wants to be “booed” up. But love in relationships takes more to deal with the emotional work that comes with it.

Love is intuitive. Efficacy over feelings. Love helps discerns the clear path of righteousness and the behavior intentions of the pure and folly heart.

Love is a connection between heart to heart and mind to mind. It desires to take a step ahead further to be efficient.

Love is divine. Love is bigger than yourself, love is the reflection of Kingdom of God that’s inside of you, to work out to confront the conflicts of complications.

Make no room for afflictions, let’s meditate with our affections, for the mind and heart be engaged as one with great determination for the greatest solution for the generation of our greatest era : L’ Amour Love

(c) 2022 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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