Love & Wisdom: Her Love & His Wisdom

Love & Wisdom

She is Love. He is Wisdom.

Both are similar sleeping naked in a familiar stance; but different they are face-to-face.

Never-the-less, both have the same grace to thrive in a different space.

She is Love. She embraces. She nurtures. She is affectionate. She is beauty. She thrives in comfortability.

He is Wisdom. He knows the way, He protects. He guides, He is initiates. He chastise, He reasons, He is Handsome, but He is prepared for the mind games of war to defend on the side of his fence.

When conflicts arise, disputes are inevitable, the smoke smells intense like incense and both him + her vex and reflect on how to redirect.

Love wants right now. Wisdom wants to wait until later.

Love is passionate. Wisdom is persistent.

Love is pure emotional. Wisdom is pure conscious.

Love feels. Wisdom is logic.

Love can easily be vulnerable in Her naiveness, wisdom can be stubborn in pride when His chest puff arises at arrival.

Love drives with ambition. Wisdom rides with intuition.

Love wants to find a connection, Wisdom wants to find a solution.

To get down to the conclusion, they both pray to God for his hand to gravitate strategies and download to make a way in fruition.

Love and Wisdom greatest legacy is seeing their heart melting in the hands of another, to flow and grow over the river streams of generational income to bear fruit in community.

They both give French kisses to evolve to dissolve social neurotic relations,

but this love doesn’t thrive in erotic alone.

It is soulful, agape, spiritual, lovely, synergetic, love for a purpose of all causes.

Continuity, is the way they walk, the way they talk, and the way they are, in body, soul spirit and all area being One!

(C) 2022 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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