Expect little for others.

Expect more for yourself.

You are your greatest own workmanship.

You are responsible for every open relationship you’ve closed.

Own up your own decisions and reactive intentions

For every creative imagination is a passing thought.

Capture every moment that catches your attention during a tight window spot called time.

Once it passes you by, your adumbration of your mind in words won’t be as sharp and clear like the nick of time it needed to be appointed.

But don’t be disappointed. Many things we’ve failed to capture is what we learn from motivation strengthens our inspiration.

Encourage your struggles.

Just like a bad day, the struggles what you wrestle won’t last long.

Stay in charge, not to endure swiftly so fast, but to endure so thrifty to be steadfast;

to claim your throne that will be ever-lasting over the fears of your past.

(c) Ter E Rucks 2022 All Rights Reserved

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