Buoy Chicago (How will I Go)

Always In between, not always extreme.

Chicago is really a unique city.
The biggest eccentricity in the Midwest.
Located nearly in the middle of the US.

It can be fast pace but slow at the same time, we can talk proper like a northerner but slow pace like a southerner,

It can be a party city but not always party hard all night long.

Got space of nature in midst of the urban blocks.

Churches on every block.

Personalities and swag are mixed unlike any other city.

We greet each other with what’s up and keep it moving.

We can be passive aggressive, happy and sociable in the summer time, but distant and cold when daylight savings rolls around.

We can can be hood, but knowledgable at the same time.

Art is the Living organism in our system. It’s how we breathe, how talk, how we walk, how we caress in care.

The Chicago Blues is the rhythm pattern of hope for fools.

We rock with the music beasts of the beats called House, Worship in the flow with the glow of the Gospel, Chicago Steppin and Be bopping our heads with Hip Hop Boom Bap and Trap & Drill.

Got all ethnics and food from every corner of the earth, and the soulful black power that transcends the political and social education of the nation.

The city of both worlds.
North, South, West and Lakes.
Uniqueness of it all, is the humility. Hard nose and industrious, surviving and thriving. Striving to make the best from the serene sunny seasons and surviving the brutal winters what life offers. But the offers have great benefits, in making the best shot what you make in attempt.

Chicago has always been tagged as the second city, but to us, it is has always been the first city in originality, locality, formality, and reality of persistence.

Where do I go

Sweet Home…..

Ter E. Rucks (c) 2023 All Rights Reserved

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