Emotional Attraction

Looks may be the first impression at the front door but your emotional attraction is my lasting impression for me to stay little longer behind closed doors.

The way you support me. The way you affirm me. The way share your ideas and concepts with me. The way you graciously challenge me to see the outlook tenaciously.

The way you handle your tone to voice your concerns about my wrong doings and expressing me to focus on the right things.

The way you appreciate the great I Am within me.

The way you were there when times were tough, made you my Diamond in the rough.

The way you appreciate our authenticity to be comfortable in our nakedness, that being naked is to reveal the shadows of our soul from the skin deep.

I appreciate our veracity to be comfortable to tell the truth while holding hands from the palm roots of each hand.

The way you shine and proactively want others to seek and discover the light within themselves exhilarates me. It stimulates me. It ravishes me. It arouses my heart in the house of love.

It makes you different and unique. It makes me feel home to lay down my vulnerabilities thats tougher than performing in front of thousands of people inside a dome.

Emotional attraction alone isn’t the complete package, it is the tires that has the wheels to navigate the road of a journey for our souls to prosper. It is the essential necessity for routine inspection.

It’s a spiritual exploration with a human examination, with an essential touch need to feed the cogitation of our heart searching.

Emotional attraction feels comforting, but comforting isn’t always coddling, it isn’t always pampering, it is to remind the heart, mind and soul to know the certainty of the growth we are aspiring from becoming to being.

Emotional attraction reveals that we are not an automaton. That our destiny is left with a matter of a ultimatum choice; whether we enact to regulate our fire of desire or react what will retract our devoir of devotedness in the pursuit of persistence called purpose.

(C) 2023 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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