Reassessed| The Wounds of an Unchecked Man

Just because he’s not healed, doesn’t mean he’s a Heel (bad) guy.

Just because a Man is not healed, doesn’t mean he’s not a “real

Just because a Man is not healed, doesn’t mean he’s not significant.

A Unhealed man, however, leaves many to ponder in more questions to wander than answers.

Restless, nevertheless, he rests in God’s arm. He turns over his rights to bear arms, to alleviate the pain he couldn’t bear.

His only gain was to surrender. To be subjected to the divine plan that was the perfect complementary frame work over his body mind and soul.

To find the missing piece of his life, was the purpose of mission that cuts like a knife.

Peace is Aroused with Change.

His greatest chance is adjusting with the changes in time.

Adjustment reaches a breach of agreement with advantage.

His greatest advantage is rightfully defining love and the meaning of truth to divide his motives and intentions of his heart

for the art of his soul to be aligned with a portrait painted image of moral restorative judgement in the courts of sanctity.

But the root of it all is understanding the translation dimensions of love. How to grieve at rest, how to relieve the stress, and how to get back up to rise beyond to believe the best in what’s coming next?

Love doesn’t tolerate, it is imperative for him to be constructive in building with boundaries without bounty blows for an exchange that money can’t buy.

The unhealed man learns much about truth.

Abiding by the origin roots, love rejoices in truth, and the truth be told is love from above.

The love from His God, the love he intakes from a channel burgeoning his development, and the love he expresses to proliferate a high value rate in the estimation of others.

Equanimity. You. Me. We. Unified. Fulfillment. Content.

(C) 2023 Ter E Rucks All Rights Reserved

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