You’re human.

I’m human.

We’re human.

We love relationships. We love friendships. We love camaraderie. We love consistency. We love attention. We love being catered to.

But do we love each other unconditionally or do we love each other conditionally only when I make you happy?

Do you love me when I don’t agree with you? Do you love me when I oppose and make a decision that makes you unhappy?

Can I love you when you don’t understand my decision making? Can I love you when I fall short of your wants? Can I love you when you personally wish I could be well aware of myself unlike any other man you’ve crossed paths conversationally?

This is not a room to speak words of doom and gloom nor place shame and blame in space.

Maybe I need to step my game up to arouse your curiosity. Maybe I need to awaken my generosity to value your attention I give to.

Maybe you need to dig deep and understand the wells of my heart. Maybe you need grace to understand more of my story of a missing chapter I need to share with you.

Understanding isn’t being tolerable nor justifying unethical mindset in actions. It is the will to seek deep acknowledge each other that we both are well aware.

We are human. You have your demands, I have my needs, we both have a necessity to feed for our supplies to provide. We need construction, to build boundaries, to measure our intentions to pursue on purpose.

Let’s make compassion erect our inquisitiveness. Let’s make the willingness of our openness enthrall our hearts with the examination art over the inner being of our all.

”Let’s normalize with the will to ask our beloved this question, “How are you feeling?”

With their heads on our chests. This is the synergy what God wants to share between you and I.

I feel. You feel. We feel.

I Father you, You Mother me.

I’m being. You’re being. We are being.

I heal. You heal. We heal.

If Love rejoices in truth, let love rejoice in our humanity in relationship, with affinity in amicability for all.

(c) Ter E Rucks 2023 All Rights Reserved

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