Love Must Be A Gift

I am hopeful romantic, as others declare hopeless romantic.

I love Love. I love the essence of love; how it connects with the Spirit and Natural, from Logic with Empathy, from Planning with Spontaneity, from Knowledge with Understanding.

I love relationships. I love how God designed a relation between you and I to collaborate in corroboration to bring fruition against temptation of friction obstruction.

I love Love for the Wisdom. Though knowledge and understanding conceives with my humanistic abilities ready to receive, the oxygen of my brain can’t coherent to withstand without Wisdom that is pour by Spirit to see things I never seen before, living with anticipation of excitement like never before.

I love Love for kindness. Kindness is so sweet; it rules out rudeness to show how to handle a lovely large vase glass of tenderness with class. So colorful, so beautiful. The petal flowers of kindness leaves a powerful imprint in someone’s heart seeing levels of trauma elevated to alleviation.

I love Love for demonstration. It’s more than a word explanation, but a word of exertion to fulfill the vows what you say “I Will-to-I Do”.

I love Love for the touches. Healing from affection and affirmation goes much deeper than sensual sense of urgency, to evince the ascendancy of devotion than the infatuation performance of positions.

I love Love for the heroics. As the man I am, I serve not for periodic acts, but to be tactful to serve a full fledge of heart to pledge from my heart what God bestows to last.

Love must be gift, there are no tricks. All it takes is a collective agreement to stay faithful to cast out fear to steer the wheels from this point straight on. Love is so veracious, it stands alone to stay on top for nothing can’t stop this love that God has originated and designed for you and I that is given as a present to enjoy as our pleasure for purpose.

Love must be a gift, you and I will share in stance together for our world to melt for one another.

Love night, Date night, Our night. Love is a gift, let it light the night for us to shine bright together.

(C) Ter E Rucks 2019

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