Man Talk: An Unusual Conversation

Grounded Roots. Grounded Stability. Initiation. Intellect Reasoning. Exertion Focused. Wisdom inspired. Foundational Driven.

Growing up, I loved sitting at the table dialoguing with Men years wiser than my younger years when I was young.

Well dressed, well groomed well spoken of; having them sharing their stories of wisdom, perspective insights, and fun facts were like Christmas toys for a boy like me.

It didn’t matter whether I was in a public formal forum in rural Georgia, or at an annual community gathering on the urban blocks of Chicago and Brooklyn

being at their table was like being in the presence in the den, full of lions, ready to eat seasoned meat just like me ready to receive the next meal.

I wouldn’t be lying to myself, that being in their presence had me tremble.

Because the preparation how a man already processed in his thoughts before he speaks, carries so much authority, that hits the nail with a hammer.

Round table conversations with Men had me addicted to responsibility.

I wanted everything what these men experienced with possession in accountability; a career to profit in distribution to create, a Wife to love and ravish for the woman of his glory, a family to provide and grant a legacy, wanting to learn more how a man handle business he’s sincere about.

Surely those were the days I longed to have, now that I am not a cub anymore.

Many times the cons of a Man being the element of Fire, can be the inconsistency of striking up, lighting up a burning flame to initiate for great charge. Sometimes, fire needs preparation to warm up in silence to start, before the flames incite in the air.

But in all fairness comes a divine intervention for God outpour divine time and wisdom for man to put strategies into demonstration.

Now the greatest legacy as a young adult man is to fill my cup up to pour into the cups of many cubs in development and training to be a Lion of their own voice how God formed them.

There is a unusual dialogue that I am dying to converse to reverse dysfunction on our watch what we see on our block.

Where are the men of Prophets that Lord has raising up to challenge the worth of manhood to be inspired under the unction of God from Heaven?

I want a dialogue how a man thinks, how does He speak, how does he plan, how does he demonstrate change throughout his horizons with his voice, poise and authority?

I want a dialogue, how Men can train younger men to be conscientious and Spiritually inspired to express himself how he talks in the way he walks?

I want a dialogue, how Men can imprint their daughter’s identity of security for her to develop to know her own rights?

I want a dialogue, how do Men value a relational connection with their women to love her harmoniously many ways? How does the relationship of Fire and Water work together despite being different and unique?

I want a dialogue, how men can contribute to make a difference in the community to make profitable to invest their time to make it the best land to own?

Importantly, I want a dialogue; how a Man can value to hear the voice of the Lord to pave their way to establish a worthy inheritance?

It is a vision that I day dream many times, to have a dialogue to talk many men at the wise table. Only one choice a Man can ever make, either to being active to bless the seed of his generation; or being passive inconsistent of absences to curse what he created by choice?

One unusual conversation has a substance to change life of another substantially; from mediocre passivity to milestone stability. How far do we want to go?

(c) Ter E Rucks 2019

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