Stable Love. “Where do we stand?”

Show me your plans where you stand

Show me your steps to make a move

Show me tactics to prove it’s not theatrical

Show me adjustments, to see areas where I am stuck to see myself in my vulnerabilities.

Show me your vision, to make a mission to accomplish the possible

Show me a visionary, for we are on a missionary journey for purpose driven relationship.

Show me Spirituality, that is more than a cliche’ statement, but it is a value you vow to stand by what won’t compromise that can’t be an understatement.

Show me your discernment, to show me the contentment of your heart.

For our Intuition is intimacy, a proven evidence that we can have love without taking our clothes off.

Show me your strong abilities, so I can compliment you with my capabilities to collaborate to create something great!

Show me Christ, so we can cruise through the sea of crisis together.

Stable Love. Staple your hands on my heart to stay still for where we going.

Stable Love. Show me your Fruits what you are placing on the table. We have the need to meet to eat the meal what’s for the deal.

(c) Ter E Rucks 2019

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