Self-Evaluation: Evaluate Yourself.

Evaluate yourself.

Be sure to know what is found in your foundation.

Your situations are never too late to discover whats in great hands for you.

Life is an assessment, be open to make adjustments.

Never be proud to stay in one place, for there are too many tastes what life wants to take you through what the Lord offers you.

Evaluate yourself. Are you at peace with yourself in the state of mind you reside? What are the pieces you are willing to cut off the fat that have had you dismissed the facts about yourself?

Evaluate yourself. Is your character juicy like a steak for someone to use a knife to cut through, to see and to eat, how seasoned and well-prepared you are under pressured heat from all of your mistakes you’ve gained to learn?

Self-Evaluate, always give yourself some time. How can you give yourself away to understand others if you aren’t willing to understand yourself?

Evaluate yourself. Don’t emulate to another’s scouting report, this is a commission not a competition

For there are no formulas in self-evaluation, just face the reality of your fears externally that have caused your tears to flow internally.

Evaluate yourself, what do you like about yourself, what do you not like about yourself?

Evaluate yourself. Are you too loud and need to sit down for a while? Are you too quiet and need to take off in the sky to make some noise for your voice to standout?

Evaluate yourself. Do you need to cool off your fiery aura from arrogance? Do you need to warm up to be more compassionate?

Evaluate yourself. Do you need to manage techniques of a water hose to calibrate the way you speak to others with words that comes out of your mouth? Do you need to fill up your bucket to give unto others to be more passionate by listening to others?

Evaluate yourself. It is the most underrated skill development that serves understatement that can greatly determine a vital rate in a private relationship and public business.

Evaluating yourself determines either shadow of your decisions on how you are willing to display yourself outside your window.

Evaluate yourself. It’s time to divide to know your truth between the fractions and the frictions.

Commemorate yourself. Don’t let the opinions of others be annoyed of your consistent assessment.

Don’t stop, just start Evaluating yourself; is there more you need to know to stay in the flow for the circumcision of your decisions?

Because the greatest path to identify your own inventions begins with your self-reflection how God formed you to blossom.

So start thinking, marinate with the declaration of meditation; there’s never too much questions to ask for self-evaluation when your quest is on a expedition to become first-rate!

Ter E Rucks (C) 2019

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