Focus is so prolific

Let my eyes be wholistic.

Let the Holy Spirit give me the drive to not slow down.

This isn’t the time to back down, what’s down must come up by lifting my head for my eyes to look up.

Focus. Let my arrows land right on the locus like a bulls eye.

Let my focus be incredible, strong like the bull-ox, unconfined and stronger than stubbornness against the frangible.

Focus. Let my body be disciplined and cleansed by the natural produce of God’s nature.

Let the nutrients of water cleanse my immune system, give my brain oxygen to breathe, and my body to consume detox from man-made appetite to see, serve, and do what God has blessed me to do with excellence, gladness, and passionate energy.

For focus of fasting isn’t just natural grains, but for power to gain spiritual access to know the mind of God over matter.

Focus. Let faith be released for me to see life prophetically as art.

Focus. With a blank canvas in front of me, let me paint by faith with persistence to re-create and re-invent my ark to move through the storms and bright weather.

Focus. Unmovable, unshakable, unchangeable, just as the almighty Lord is the same yesterday, today, and forever more, let your focus have firm foundation from the rich root ground to excel your roots.

Focus. Don’t let the mishaps of your past generation make you last in obscurity. Today is the day, your heart is fuel to rectify the errors of the past eras to heal your generation tomorrow with no sorrow for the future.

Focus. Preserve the past, delight in your present today, to accelerate in pace for first place in maturation duration for what tomorrow calls, future!

Ter E Rucks (C) 2019

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