I love the calming sensation I feel radiating inside of me,

when I’m in silence, alone and separated from the crowd, bowing my head down, with my eyes closed, submitting my psyche to the thoughts of the Most High God above me.

What is he speaking to me? What does he think of me? What’s new I need to take heed? What does he want to reveal to me in my Spirit? What’s next up I need to know?

Humility is so powerful but very unexplainable. It’s a submission that can make the uncomfortable to be sensational.

Humility is the refuge place when the pressures of humidity is so overbearing.

Humility makes me addictive for responsibility to succeed in account ability I can’t resist.

Humility can be humiliating, what does it mean to be humble?

Is it to mumble in non silence? Is being humble is to be kind to those who walk over you?

Perhaps we weren’t taught about the award tour for the humble, that God rewards humility and those who fears the Lord is truly rich and have a honorable life.

Humility it is time of quality. Don’t give up being humble, for the Lord knows all how you spend time.

Humility, is patience having her time to see things reveal worth waiting.

Humility is all about being stripped, being emptied from the belly, wanting more richness for your soul and Spirit to united to be whole.

How can we be humble to be humility, if our stomachs are already full?

There is lesson in truth that we don’t live in life alone by pleasure, but we must master discipline to keep our belly in hunger to leave room for much growth and much to learn.

Humility is stability with an ability to love deeply to another with a clothing in good scent of gentleness.

Let the humble be exalted for Humility gives us true peace for a sound of mind that this world can’t give to us.

So keep your chest low, keep your head up high and know God will provide, because your time is now. Humility humbles you to inform you that there’s never a time of your arrival, because your present moment is your proposal to stabilize your purpose in presence.

Ter E Rucks (c) 2019

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