Time has a mastery mechanism to influence change; as you inspire yourself to change, your locality will be aspired to change.

Times are changing, Change is inevitable.

But change is unpredictable.

Change can be scary, because you don’t know how your feet will be carried on land.

Change. You will never know how you will land, if you begin to take a stand to prepare your heart and mind to embrace the Master plan how Faith will carry you through.

But change, is empowering, because it transforming your mindset subconsciously. From complacency to conscientiously. From comfort to venturous. From fear to bravery.

The cause and effect can immediately lead you to look at things meticulously in a blink of an eye.

Just as the old saying goes, “If it doesn’t break, why fix it?”

But if something stays constant to be the same in verge to be stagnant, why not fix it?

Why be afraid of change? When it causes you to exchange for something that is better?

Change. Sometimes, you need to destruct a structure to reconstruct a construction to refurnish your dream home.

So, take the charge. Always have a ladder in front of you to climb from level upon level. Line upon line, precepts upon precepts.

You never know how change will make you forget the admiration of your ex in transition to be in the place of the preferable called next.

Are you prepared to climb a ladder to go for your next date of your dream affairs?

Ter E Rucks (C) 2019

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