Never Been Before…….

The Newness have left me clueless.

Like a new kite leads me to new heights

You have a new car, a new career, a new place to tie your shoe laces where your feet lands call home.

But with all that control in your midst, there’s always a question of the unseen flow of a prophetic destination that can’t be controlled how it’s headed.

Pressure has never pressed me so hard like this.

For I never knew what was like, where I never been before.

The fears of my past intensifies, wondering what’s the next move? Do I deserve to have the best what’s left in my hands? Because I don’t know how to handle what I never had before.

You want to be strong against your own fate, the heart to faith it until you make it, but you can’t deny the style of this ride,

The golden paved roads won’t be smoothly straight aligned; sometimes you must endure the moody strains of pain to receive your own healing,

but truth remains on the line, there is no lie

for your head to lie down in truth that’s proven;

That fear is a tactic to avoid hurt that has struck your chords.

There’s no puncture to escape the truth of reality living God’s air on earth. You must confront hurt to stay in first place to solidify your foundational structure; for the bruises aren’t sacrificed for your own glory, but in God’s reign to be glory in paving a street way for the upcoming voices near you.

Reflect your deficits in retrospect, inspect your own image in reflection over the river; you can only go as far to see the stars in forth-sight with a right to divorce your false allegations.

How can we enjoy the riches and glory of our story?

Go where you never been before…..

Ter E Rucks (c) 2019

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