November Rain

Chicago, IL; November 21, 2019
Courtesy of Terry E Rucks

November. How I remember you…..

You are the time and season of the unexpectancy. After 9 months of pregnancy within a year, we give thanks for your eccentricity for a new baby born under care and nurture for a time like this.

The days arrive early, the nights come shortly.

The weather rushes in transformation to see the warm turns into the cold, and rain turns to sleet and snow.

No longer predictable, you are the month of the unpredictable.

November Rain…

Your weather elements, You are the Month that expose the hearts of man; to know the truth, who is a true giver and who is truest greed.

November Rain. A month of romance to feel the kiss in remembrance of gratitude, wealth and health. The soft wetness of the fallen leaves leave an impression what beauty is.

Truly you are, November rain; can you stand the rain that leaves a stain, to see time falls back to sustain in seasonal periods called, change?

November Rain. There’s nothing vain about you what pain brings to embrace change in chances.

As the month winds down to exit into the last month of the year, there’s one thing clear to see naked trees with no leaves like December.

November to remember. You are special; making my memories last so fast.

In retrospection to inspect with all respect, God reveals his great divine secrets in the seat of judgment in the 11th month of the hourly year, to build to make strong ends neat.

November Rain, you make me passionate to love moments in a day for a lifetime!

November Rain.

(c) Ter E Rucks 2019

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