Soulful Woman

There’s something about a Soulful Woman who’s full of soul.

Expressive, kind, sweet, altruistic, creative, nurturer, wise, a great listener; who loves her Lord who puts a smile on her face, whose words are poetic to speak out about the deeper depths of her well.

Behind her words and deeds are her truth what makes her amazing; behind her smile she’s a woman who’s never afraid to show her scars from her rear view.

She isn’t afraid to speak about her weakest, because she knows her time to speak up about the strength about her weakness will give others strength to expose the fat that covers their own guilt that blinds a vision.

This is the woman of a man’s dream.

Career means nothing, forget the money, the titles, and accolades. The soul of a soulful woman is the woman who God breathes upon to speak life to dead bones to come alive; because she values so much life to live to give more what’s in store inside her heart that a man and a world desperately want the hope to see!

Soulful woman where are you at? We need to connect to collaborate and build a bridge in midst of our meet and needs.

This is the rumbling cry from the belly of God. Flows like the rivers of living waters to resemble an agenda called love, to serve and protect humanity who needs a savior in community.

Soulful woman; You are the one my soul loves that loving my own soul will appreciate my thirst to give more for you to receive more like never before.

Let the angels surround you, with safety and a hope that’s never deferred. Soulful woman, you are a reflection of God’s glory.

(C) 2019 Ter E. Rucks

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