Dark Days, Bright Spot

Southeast DC, November 2018
(C) courtesy of Ter E Rucks

Everyone says Be You; But there is a cost to Be You.

What are you willing to lose to Be You? What are you willing to gain to Be You? What’s in high demand to be a leading leader hand chosen by God to make a life time decision?

What’s the supply you are willing to provide what’s in you what you are already have in stock?
Don’t be shock at the old time sayings of the nay sayers.
You’re cut from a different cloth doesn’t make you inferior or superior, it’s just the functionality of personality that’s different and set apart for a perfect specific tribe ahead of your time.

Dark Days can be comforting when you know how to Be You because the way shine paves a light area in dark territories.

What’s the burning sensation to Be You? Who’s your source you submit under to receive and give light unto others?

These self evaluating questions gives you intentions to live life under a knife in pursuit to cut and see what’s inside of you.

Be You is so liberating, but so painful to see what’s hidden in you that others can’t see nor value how you see it. What make you laugh now, will make you cry later.

Let the cries manifest, to inspire, to give you fire to blaze to initiate what you are willing to finish in excellence; with passion, in pursuit in Spirit and in Truth.

How beautiful and empowering it is to have no fear of dark days

when you take your time to dig deep to find the roots of your story in transition

to discover hidden spaces to be a light spot what you have already become the meaning of truly Being You.

(C) 2020 Ter E Rucks

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